We have helped thousands of people become Secure Party Creditors in all 50 states.


1. UCC-1 Financing Statement (Notice of Lien) And All other relevant UCC Filing Forms (As Per Your Filing State or Jurisdiction)
2. Security Agreement (Agreement to all persons) Notice of Security Agreement 
3. Power of Attorney (over your strawman) 
4. Birth Certificate Bond
5. Form 56
6. Form W-8BEN
7. Declaration of Status
8. Form 1040-V (initial payment voucher for account adjustment)

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Our UCC Redemption Guide and materials will walk you through step by step through your UCC Redemption Process to get your UCC/UCC-1 Lien filing with your Secretary of State.

Become a Secured Party Creditor with ease via our UCC/UCC-1 Study Guide, it will walk you through step by step process of achieving your secure party creditor status.

If you are new to the "UCC Redemption Process", then the information/process as presented in our UCC Redemption Guide and CD's may be shocking and a little strange. We understand that it will be a leap of information that you have never been exposed to, however before long after going through our UCC/UCC-1 Study Guide you will see just how easy it is.

The subject of the UCC Redemption Process is complex and involves the disciplines of history, government, commercial law, statutory procedure, banking and finance, real estate and diplomacy. Each of these subjects are highly technical and has its own specialized language. To cover all of them in a single web site at even at a fundamental level would of course be impractical.

Therefore out of necessity, we have set as our goal in updating information, to present a high level overview of core concepts that we hope will offer you a clear understanding of what the UCC Redemption Process is and how it might be useful to you.

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Our UCC Redemption Service provides you with tools to become a Secured Party Creditor via the UCC/UCC-1 Lien Filing Process with ease.

Whether you wish to use our UCC Redemption Service to teach you how you can become a Secured Party Creditor or have our UCC Redemption Service staff do your entire UCC/UCC-1 Lien Redemption Process for you, we are sure we have what you need.

Our UCC/UCC-1 Study Guides will walk you through each step by allowing you not only to educate yourself but to know and understand what you are doing to complete your UCC Redemption Process with ease.

If you need help with your UCC Redemption Process, no problem for we offer one on one UCC/UCC-1 Student Training by the half hour or by the hour, we also have a three day UCC Training Course if you prefer the royal treatment. If you are interested in seeing the rest of the UCC Redemption Services we provide please click on the services tab at the top of this page.


Our UCC Redemption Materials will provide you with step by step UCC Student Training. You can do this by reading our UCC Redemption Book One and Two and following the instructions, this is the #1 UCC Study Guide on the market today. We also provide phone UCC student training or have one our staff members do your complete UCC Redemption Process paperwork for you.

How would you like to COMPLETELY STOP the IRS, BILL and DEBT collectors dead in their tracks and PERMANENTLY END their hot pursuit of you?

How would you like to beat traffic tickets, stop car repossessions, stop or recover forfeitures, and to WIN in Court EVERY TIME? Would you like to protect yourself from bogus CIVIL lawsuits, unwarranted or unconstitutional CRIMINAL prosecutions?

When you become a UCC Secure Party Creditor, you file your UCC-1 and these problems become part of the past and the most important part IS IT WORKS!

There are many UCC Redemption Material packages to choose from so if you are interested in what UCC Redemption Guide products we offer please click the
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